Knödel – girls´ evening

It all started Tuesday when i was relaxing, watching a lil´ Tv and suddenly i saw a preview for the next day saying that on Kabel1 they would show Cruel Intentions and after that Wild Things. The first one is my absolute favorite movie – i luv it i luv it i luv it – but of course i can´t watch a movie like that alone! So i sent mails (in america i would have made a facebok-event… ) to my best girlfriends and invited them for plum-, peach-, strawberry- and chocolate-Knödel – made by me of course and for a movie night after our stomachs are full. I was so happy that everybody could come: Uschi, Lisa, Babsi and Karo .. all former class mates and some of them members of the „last-row-club“. Some members are missing but we always sat in the last row… too many stories to explain now but we were a great team at school 😀 .

Unfortunately i forgot to take pics but the Knödel should have looked kinda like that 🙂

I was happy the Knödel turned out pretty well, and everybody seemed to like them (at least they ate them and didn´t complain) ! We talked about old times, present times- laughed a lot, it was a great evening! Also when watching the movies we got pretty emotional and big discussions arose if Sebastian from CI is an asshole or not and if he should have died or Reese Witherspoon 😀 .. of course the discussions turned into general talks about how a guy should be and so on . Lisa slept over and we had an traditional American „conny and silvia“ midnight snack 🙂 !

Next day I had to go to Vienna to apply at the university, but i had to go there twice in a day because first tine i forgot my passport which is very essential for the process. Damn! Well at least i could sleep over at my brother Wolfgang´s flat in Vienna, which was also fun.


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