Traunstein or „where is Naturfreundesteig??“

Another mountain that needed to be climbed up was called Traunstein. Since I went up the Sonnstein with 2 very good friends on my birthday and I saw Traunstein the whole time in front of me across the lake Traunsee, i wanted to go up there. But due to America I couldn´t make it last year anymore so I swore to myself I would do it this year, and finally i could do it! What´s more the mountain is also known for it´s death rate and it is always in the newspapers once in a while… which makes it even more interesting 😀 !!

Here a picture i took a year ago and another one of my little birthday party on the top of Sonnstein. We brought a bottle of sparking wine and Martin surprised me on the top with a cake that he brought all the way up to the top in his backpack. It was really one of my best birthdays (just my birthday parties in princeton and in New york could top that 😀 ) !!

Well so at the beginning of September I finally wanted to do it. 2 friends of mine wanted to come with me, unfortunately Lisa got sick shortly before and didn´t want to risk it.. so it was me and Babsi. I got my mum´s car to drive there, prepared myself with google maps directions and the hike could begin. There are 3 ways to get up: Hernler Steig, Naturfreundesteig and Mairalmsteig. We wanted to do the Naturfreundesteig, it´s the most popular and most beautiful. The translation is Nature-lovers-trail. BUT we unorganized idiots missed the beginning of the trail and accidentally went up on the Mairalmsteig, which is also nice but not what we wanted! And we thought we were right the whole way until we reached the top and saw a sign for the Naturfreundesteig, showing a total different trail. I was soooo pissed!! I mean i was really happy that we made it to the top but now i have to do it again next year, going on the right trail!

But anyway hiking was lots of fun, it was perfect weather, the view was awesome and the people soo funny! People on the mountain are so talkative and funny, if you meet someone on the way you always make jokes with him. Somehow the people that you meet on Austrian mountains all have a special lovely character, a really typical austrian character but not like the people have it in the cities. It´s just unique, you have to experience it yourself 🙂 …

on the top I also wrote messages to all my friends which is a typical tradition of mine 🙂 , then we had chocolate (which is also a tradition *gg*) and good bread with ham and cheese and finally typical Austrian MANNER -waffles… oooh i love them!!! you can see them on the picture combined with the moutains *g*. When hiking down we met a nice guy on the way who showed us the beginning to the real Naturfreundesteig in the end… autsch!! But I remember that at exactly this time we got distracted by a group of bikers passing us, who were joking with us 🙂 …

Before going up the mountain we werea bit scared by signs saying: „memorial stone Traunstein deaths“ , „danger: falling rocks / danger of life“ ^^

But we were rewarded by a great view… and Manner-waffles!!


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