Donauinselfest 2008

I was so lucky that the date of the Donauinselfest, which is normally in June or around this time, was changed this year to the first weekend in September because of the European championship in soccer. So at the first weekend after i came home i could attend Europe´s biggest free open air music festival hosted by Austra´s capital city (and my future home town in a month) Vienna. On 6.5 kilometres in the middle part of the 21 km long island in the River Danube called „Donauinsel“, there are about 20stages, many of which are sponsored by radio stations and newspapers. You can find any kind of music on these stages, from alternative to pop to classic to comedians to childrens´ entertainment.. .. 3 million people go there every year so I just had to go there too!!! First time by the way, what a shame I know.

Actually I wanted to meet my friend from America, Jasmin, who returned a bit before me back to Graz. She would have loved to attend the festival with me and we would have had an AWESOME time (like in the limousin through manhattan hehe) but unfortunately she didn´t have the money for the train, because she first has to find a job and live on 70 euros for the next month. After earning enough money she wants to go to Australia as soon as possible by the way.. I wish i could join here!! And i will, in some years 😉 ..

In Vienna I could stay over in my brother´s flat, as he went home to his girlfriend over the weekend anyway. Oh yeah and my other brother Reinhard joined me by the way the first day in Vienna because he had business to do on Saturday. So we went there on Friday in the afternoon and met my highschool friend Lisa and two friends of hers in her dormitory room, had coffee and then went to the festival. Most of the time we spent at the FM4 stage, it´s mostly alternative music but good stuff and we luuuuved it! We were waiting especially for the band „Bauchklang“ at 10, they make the greatest beats without instruments. Pretty cool!

Actually I wanted to check out the city on Saturday afternoon, but because it got pretty late on Friday i slept and just relaxed and wrote some mails and messages, until it was time to go to Lisa again and the whole evening was repeated. But the last band on Sat sucked, I even forgot their name. This evening we met with 2 guys Lisa knew from the Frequency festival and listened to the music. They were really alternative, with one Lisa got pretty close heheh, and the other one was always walking around looking for weed to buy. And when he found some he gave the dealer normal paper instead of money and ran away ..gosh i don´t wanna know what would have happened if the guy found him!! Tonight we went home after the last song (and after lisa said a looong good bye to her guy) .

And Sunday I didn´t go into the city either, shame on me. I spent the day like the other two, waiting for the evening show: Deichkind!! The show was SO awesome, we managed to get pretty close to the stage and there the people were just crazy, jumping around and on each other, carrying people above their hands, shouting the lyrics, it was sooooo much fun!! Deichkind´s performance was GREAT!! Totally different to the Pearl Jam concert I have been in the USA, where people just stood totally still, slightly shaking their heads.

This video describes it really well!!! I love it.

But it was very disappointing that the festival immediately ended after the last concert and the people were going home. We walked a bit over the island, met very strange people, bought ice cream (in the middle of the night) and missed the last last train (at two). So we walked about an hour to get away from the island to the next Nightline-bus (we had no idea where the station was..), got to lisa´s dormitory room at 4.30, i got up an hour afterwards to catch a train to wels to be back at 10.45 for church.. just crazy!! Well don´t think i am that religious but my old school had its traditional begin-of-the-school-year-mass and i wanted to see the teachers and former mates of mine again. But with 1 hour of sleep it was hard to survive mass, seriously. But it was great seeing everybody again!

That was my first austrian weekend, my first culture shock with all that drunk and stoned people and so much alcohol in public, what an experience!!


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